All payments for Super Early Bird and Early Bird entries must be paid by midnight of the date the rates expires.

Regular Entries

Valid through Mar 14, 2018 through closing

 Regular 2 Day Entries – Valid Oct 8, 2019 until closing of show

Regular 2-Day Entries

1 entry (includes one double space) - $120

2 entries (includes one double space) - $210

3 entries (includes 2 double spaces) - $300

4 entries (includes 2 double spaces) - $385



Grooming space (44 inches) $45 (limited availability)

Exhibition only (MUST be listed in the catalog) / For Sale Cage (with entry) (44 inches) (Must Have A Competitive Entry) $55

End of row benching (free for disabled) - $20



All judges, all days $100 with 8x10 sign in all rings

One Judge, one day with banner $100

Feed a judge - $25

Sponsorships will be displayed with in ring (made by club) and listed in catalog