Join us for a Free Webinar on the Fascinating Sphynx Cat 

 Presented by Shauntay Burris

Sat Aug 15, 2020 at 1 pm PDT 

Sphynx Photo.jpg

Do you love the Sphynx breed, and want to learn more about the breed standard and how it all translates into a real cat? Have you ever wondered what a Cat Judge is looking for when deliberating over the breed in a cat show? Are you a breeder who wants to elevate your understanding of the breed standard? Well, guess what! We got you covered! The Chair of the International Cat Association Sphynx Breed Committee, Shauntay Burris, is proud to offer a Webinar reviewing the breed standard in a comprehensive virtual presentation. The Webinar will be hosted on Zoom, August 15 at 1 pm (PDT). The purpose of this Webinar is to equip Sphynx enthusiasts with a better understanding and interpretation of the written standard and to bring us together in celebration of our beautiful breed. This Webinar is offered free of charge, at a limit of 100 attendees. We will be accepting donations of any amount, if it is within your means, which will go in full to funding HCM research. Donations can be here:

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